3 – Università di Palermo, Dipartimento di Fisica e Chimica

In the 1930s, the university physics department moved from the Theatins’ complex to a new site, which hosted the Physics Institute and the Mineralogy Institute (on the second floor).

In the Physics Institute is preserved the historical collection of scientific instruments of the Physics and Chemistry Department of the University of Palermo, which is part of the university museum system.

It is one of the richest and most complete collections in Italy and consists of about 450 items. The oldest instruments date back to 1811, when Domenico Scinà obtained the chair of experimental physics and the direction of the physics cabinet.

In this building, in 1937, Emilio Segrè and Carlo Perrier discovered a new chemical element, Technetium.

The general assembly of the 2023 SIC Symposium will be held in this venue.

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