1 – Palazzo Chiaramonte Steri

The monumental complex of the Steri hosts the core of the administration and managing activities of the University of Palermo, including the headquarters of the rectorate.

The complex was formed over time around the palace of the powerful Chiaramonte family, starting from the beginning of the 14th century. It is a small agglomeration of historic buildings of considerable value, including Palazzo Chiaramonte or Steri, Palazzo Abatellis, built in the 16th century but remodeled several times, and the Penitentiary Prison dating back to the early 1600s. From a stylistic viewpoint the Steri is the finest example of fourteenth-century Sicilian architecture in the so-called Chiaramonte style, which shows a mixture of Islamic and Norman influences.

Palazzo Steri is accessible from Piazza Marina 59 through a wooden door or from 61 through a driveway gate.

It will host the opening of the 2023 SIC Symposium.

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